Airbnb limits likely in Copenhagen

Politicians across the board seek regulation
The huge and growing popularity of adding rooms and properties to Airbnb in Copenhagen is pushing the mayor and some of the city’s politicians to seek regulation. They want to put a limit on the number of properties being used in this way.
“We must prevent platforms like Airbnb from creating a market in which homes are used for pure speculation and economic gain, thereby being removed from Copenhageners and an already-stressed housing market,” mayor Frank Jensen told the newspaper Politiken.
“I can see great potential in shared economy and think rental services like Airbnb can also offer a positive contribution to the city. But it’s important to be clear that they should not be a shortcut to illegal hotel operation and tax evasion.”
He wants a cap on the length of time city residents can rent their homes to tourists. The Social Democrat mayor is supported by parties across the board, from the Conservatives to the Socialist People’s Party and the Red-Green Alliance.
“We support a rental cap 100%, preferably fewer than the 60 days they have chosen in Amsterdam, because we are deeply concerned about all the apartments that in this way are being taken away from people who need a home,” said Allan Mylius Thomsen, a Red-Green Alliance city councillor.
Politiken / The Local

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