Airbnb renter does €10,000 damage to Paris flat

Failing to get compensation from Airbnb, owner takes to social media
After failing to receive compensation from Airbnb, the French owner of a tiny apartment in Paris is using social media to publicise the problem.
She wants to recover €10,000, which she claims is the cost of the damage done to her studio apartment after subletting it via the home-sharing app.
Laurie S said her 13sqm flat was completely trashed and stank of urine after she rented it out for three weeks. The owner lives there and rents it out occasionally when on a work trip.
The Canadian renter had warped the flooring, jammed the front door, badly damaged the shower room and toilet and left rubbish almost everywhere.
“The charming studio had literally been transformed into a vulgar ‘squat’ full of excrement, urine and an impressive quantity of empty bottles of booze,” Laurie wrote on her Facebook page, adding photos of the damage.
She hadn’t met the man herself but her neighbours said he seemed “nice”. She has since learned he suffered from alcoholism and depression.
After getting in touch with Airbnb’s French office, they told her they would respond soon. “They say they will send an expert [to evaluate the damage]. I am still waiting,” she said.
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