Airbus adds (even) more seats to A380

Manufacturer redesigns and revamps superjumbo
The plane-maker Airbus is squeezing an additional 80 seats into its famous A380 double-decker superjumbo, by shifting stairs and altering the seating.
New interior options for airlines include a redesigned staircase and economy-class seating that’s 11 seats across, boosting capacity from 497 to 575 passengers in a four-cabin layout.
Relocating the front staircase adds 20 more seats, the 11-abreast (3-5-3) economy class layout provides a further 23 seats, and a 3-3-3 premium economy configuration seats 11 more passengers. However, the economy seats remain 46cm wide.
Redesigned sidewalls, galley areas and flight crew areas add even more seats.
“Only the A380 has the economies of scale and development potential to efficiently solve the problem of increasing congestion at large airports while providing the best comfort for passengers,” said Dr Kiran Rao, executive vice president of strategy and marketing at Airbus.
Existing configurations range from the high-capacity 615-seat version by Emirates, which still has outstanding orders for almost 50 A380s, to Singapore Airlines’ more airy 379-seat model.
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