Airbus reconfigures A320 seats for “big” passengers

But this comes at the expense of the width of the other seats

Airline passengers are getting bigger, and this has prompted aircraft manufacturer Airbus to design extra-wide seats for its A320 planes. However, in order for each flight to carry the same number of people, the size of regular economy-class seats has shrunk to accommodate the bigger ones. Instead of having rows of three 18in (45 cm) seats, Airbus is proposing a 20in-wide aisle seat and cutting the width of the other two seats by an inch each. The new measurements would allow airlines to impose an extra charge for the wider seats.
According to some airlines, the most frequent complaint from passengers is being forced to sit next to an overweight person who is intruding into their space. Airbus researcher Nicolas Tschechne comments that the increasing weight of flyers has been “quite dramatic”.
“Passenger size has emerged as a core issue we need to deal with,” he says. “And sitting next to obese passengers is the number one complaint.”
Daily Mail
[pictured: A320 interior; courtesy Cebu Pacific]