Airbus “understands” A380 wing cracks

CEO says he is working with airlines “to mitigate their fears”

After Europe’s safety regulator the European Aviation Safety Agency demanded deeper inspections to understand the cause of the “significant” cracks found inside the wings of A380s, on a bracket joining the exterior to metal ribs inside the wings, Airbus says it is working with airlines to overcome the fissures. Airbus plans to deliver 30 of the double-decker A380s this year. Emirates is the biggest customer, with 90 of the aircraft on order.
In an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the manufacturer’s CEO Tom Enders said: “It’s unfortunate. We understand the problem. We are working with airlines to mitigate their fears.”
[pictured: China Southern Airlines A380; photo by H. Gousse, courtesy Airbus]

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