Airbus takes action in spy allegations

German intelligence said to have spied on behalf of US
European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is planning to file a criminal complaint over allegations that the German intelligence service spied on its activities on behalf of the US.
Reports in the German media suggest that the BND spy agency collected information on European firms, including Airbus, to pass on to the National Security Agency (NSA) in the US.
Airbus intends to ask the German government for more information, it said in a statement, following the leak of BND documents suggesting that the agency’s monitoring station was spying on European firms to see if they were breaking trade embargoes.
“We’ve asked the government for more information,” said an Airbus spokesman. “We will launch a complaint against an unknown person on suspicion of industrial espionage.”
Reports in Germany say that the BND also spied on the European Commission, France’s presidential palace and the French foreign ministry. Spies are alleged to have listened in to phone calls, as well as monitoring online activity and other communications to gather information to pass to the NSA.
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[image courtesy Airbus]