Airbus unveils ‘flying car’ concept

Flying taxi would ease city congestion, it says
Airbus has designed an air taxi, which it calls CityAirbus and is aimed at speeding clients to their next meeting. But the idea is likely to remain on the drawing board for some time yet.
It is among the ‘radical concepts’ the aircraft manufacturer says it is exploring, which “will relieve urban congestion”, making it easier to commute and whizz around traffic-heavy cities. The flying taxi would be part of a fleet you can summon on your smartphone.
“Techies in Silicon Valley invent high-tech products every day. However, they still do not have a solution for one of their biggest problems: rush hour,” Airbus wrote on its website. “In response, Airbus Group experts are looking skywards to develop radical concepts that will relieve urban congestion.”
The biggest challenge is not technical, Airbus says, but bureaucratic – allowing CityAirbus to fly autonomously once regulations are in place. Meanwhile, Airbus is creating an electric helicopter that can be used for commercial or personal use, called Project Vahana. Its first flight tests are timed for 2017.
Business Insider