Aircraft noise makes you fat, Swedish study says

Weight gain is due to rise in stress from excessive noise

Living near an airport can make your belly bigger, a Swedish study says. The rise in stress hormones that comes from excessive noise can make you put on weight.

More than 5100 people were tracked over a period of 10 years for the study by Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute. Many of the participants live near the city’s Arlanda airport. They were also studied for their lifestyle habits, including smoking.

“If you are highly exposed to noise then it means an increase of six centimetres [in stomach size] compared to no exposure to noise at all,” chief researcher Charlotta Eriksson told Sveriges Television.

She explained that exposure to aircraft noise increases the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn affects the amount of fat stored in your stomach. Factoring in stress and lifestyle choices, the average increase in the size of the stomach was 1.5 centimetres.

As the report puts it: “Long-term aircraft noise exposure may be linked to metabolic outcomes, in particular increased waist circumference.”

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[pictured: Obese teen weighing 146kg]


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