Airline and GDS sue each other on same day

Sabre and American Airlines file lawsuits against each other

Sabre Holdings and American Airlines filed lawsuits against each other yesterday in the most recent stage of the ongoing legal battles between airlines and GDSs. This happened despite the fact that the two companies are in a difficult stage of negotiations over a distribution agreement. AA added Sabre to an antitrust suit it lodged against Travelport in April, while Sabre simultaneously filed a motion to intervene in the airline’s suit against Travelport.
American Airlines complains that the two GDSs control over 90% of US agency bookings. It wants an end to their domination of this link with consumers. Sabre, meanwhile, claims that American Airlines is pursuing anticompetitive conduct “to maintain its monopoly position over air transportation out of its hubs” and “to gain a monopoly position in air booking services.”
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