Airline bans red lipstick and nail polish

Is Turkish Airlines becoming overly Islamic?

Turkish Airlines has banned its female flight crew from wearing red lipstick and red nail polish. Although Turkey’s national airline says it wants to give flight attendants a natural look so that they are “artless and well-groomed with makeup in pastel tones”, secular Turks worry that it is a further sign the country is becoming more Islamic. Other new restrictions concern alcohol on board, for example not serving alcoholic drinks on flights within Turkey and to some Islamic countries.
“As a consequence of our current cabin uniforms not including red, dark pink, et cetera, the use of lipstick and nail polish in these colours by our cabin crew impairs visual integrity”, a statement from Europe’s fourth-biggest airline explains.
“This new guideline is totally down to Turkish Airlines management’s desire to shape the company to fit its own political and ideological stance,” Atilay Aycin, president of the carrier’s union Hava-Is, tells Reuters. “No one can deny that Turkey has become a more conservative, religious country.”
[pictured: Turkish Airlines A340-300]