Airline carrying most unmarried millionaires

Fly American Airlines if you’re hunting a wealthy hubby

If a female passenger happens to be looking for a wealthy husband in the air, new research has found the airline most likely to be carrying him.

The US website made a survey of 47,000 millionaire bachelors, discovering that they prefer flying American Airlines, followed by Virgin and Delta.

Another website,, also conducted a survey, finding that 74% of wealthy bachelors use an airline lounge and – not surprisingly – 83% tend to fly business class.

Online dating entrepreneur Brandon Wade advises ladies to look for an upgrade on their next flight.

“Flying coach won’t get you anywhere,” he says. “Most millionaires will fly business or first class, even if they are traveling for leisure. Your best bet is to upgrade, or gain access to the frequent flier lounge.”

Yahoo! New Zealand

[pictured: AA First class turndown service; photo courtesy oneworld]

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