Airline crews Europe-wide may strike in January

January 22 set as possible strike date throughout Europe

January 22 has been set as the date of a possible strike by airline crews across Europe. The planned strike is part of a campaign to provide flight crews shorter days and longer rest periods, reducing the risk of accidents. Behind the proposed strike is the European Cockpit Association together with the European Transport Workers Federation. They emphasise that fatigue in pilots has been the cause of several incidents where aircraft have been close to mid-air collisions.
The US has imposed strict requirements for flight crew rest periods, tightening rules last year for pilot rest periods between flights. The ECA and ETWF want the same rules introduced in EU countries. They say that the European Aviation Safety Agency has not done enough in this area. The EU is due to come up with new rules, in particular about pilot rest periods, next year but these will have to be approved by each member state.
[pictured: Finnair cabin service; courtesy Finnair]


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