Airline demands answers on A380 cracks

CEO: “They have given us assurances but we need them to be qualified”

Despite statements from Airbus about solutions being found to the problem with cracks discovered in the wings of the A380, Etihad Airways has now demanded further clarification. The airline has an order of ten Airbus A380s pending and is scheduled to get its first one in 2014. The European Union’s air safety regulators ordered checks in February on all Airbus A380s. Emirates, the world’s biggest operator of the A380, has already said it will seek compensation from Airbus.
“Obviously we are very concerned about this defect. They have given us assurances that they’ve been rectified [but] we need them to be qualified,” Etihad Airways CEO James Hogan says.
Hogan, whose company recently bought 30% of Air Berlin and a 40% stake in Air Seychelles, said that despite media reports Etihad was not interested in purchasing stakes in Air France or Aer Lingus.
[pictured: Etihad Airways flights lands in Nairobi this week, its first passenger flight into East Africa; courtesy Etihad Airways]