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Small Planet Airlines

Why an airline ‘drew’ a giant 100 over Lithuania

A fast-growing leisure carrier helps Lithuania celebrate, as the Baltics mark their independence centenary this year.

The fast-growing leisure carrier Small Planet Airlines marked the 100th birthday of Lithuania on February 16 with an exclusive flight, ‘drawing’ the symbolic figure of 100 in the skies above the country.

The airline, which plans to open a base at Stockholm Arlanda this year, invited its employees, partners and friends for a twisting and turning flight from Palanga International Airport on the Lithuanian coast to the capital Vilnius, starting late at night on February 15.

“Flight signifies freedom: an opportunity to travel the world and cross boundaries. That is why we decided to mark the centenary of the restoration Lithuanian statehood with a historic flight,” said Simonas Bartkus, Small Planet’s head of marketing.

“Why not?”
“Drawing the figure took 1 hour 50 minutes and the total length was around 1,130 kilometres. The motto of our company is ‘Why Not?’, and celebrating Lithuania’s birthday in this way was one of the greatest ‘Why Nots’ we have ever done.”

Small Planet flew the centennial Flight S5100 with an Airbus A320, departing Palanga at around 23:00.

A Lithuanian leisure carrier established in 2009, Small Planet Airlines mostly works with large tour operators, operating a fleet of 22 aircraft, including 18 Airbus A320s and four A321s. In winter, part of the fleet shifts to Asia. By the end of the year it plans to increase its fleet to 28.

100 bonfires
The Lithuanian capital put on a spectacular celebration for the centennial, with 100 bonfires lining the city’s main avenue, light installations, crowds waving flags and wearing clothes in the national colours and restaurant menus serving dishes from the early 20th century.

Estonia is next to celebrate its centenary with countless concerts and exhibitions this coming week, while Latvia has a long series of events planned this year culminating in its centenary in November.

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