Airline laptop ban may reach beyond Europe

US officials are looking at other regions of the world
Not only flights from Europe to the US are “likely” to ban laptops and other devices from the cabins, but from other regions as well.
US officials are looking at other regions of the world, “not solely Europe”, said David Lapan, spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security yesterday, though he declined to specify which areas.
However, an expansion of the ban is “likely”, Lapan said.
The European Union is urging the US not to ban electronics larger than a mobile phone in the cabin, saying the economic fallout would be huge and that both sides can work together to reduce the terror threat. European and US officials are meeting today in Brussels to discuss the issue.
The association Airports Council International says a ban could affect 3,684 flights a week from 59 European airports to the US.
About 90% of passengers carry affected devices, the council says. Adding screening checks and putting devices into the hold could create significant delays and cancellations.
Meanwhile, Australia says it may follow the lead of the US and UK in the laptop ban.
Press reports say that Israel was the intelligence source behind information that President Donald Trump disclosed to a Russian delegation at a White House meeting last week. Israel had allegedly told US spy agencies of an Islamic State laptop bomb plot on aircraft.
Bloomberg / Telegraph / Al Jazerra