Airline launches new Facebook app

New app lets users share itineraries for “perfect day” at BA destinations

Allowing users to comment on their travels in locations around the world, British Airways has just launched a new app on its Facebook page. The new Perfect Days Facebook app has been designed to allow everyone to share their itinerary for a perfect day at a BA destination. It also allows the airline’s well-travelled staff and cabin crew to give their own handy tips and insider knowledge to users.
Users can create an itinerary of things to do, see and experience in one day. They can also add a theme to their day, such as shopping, culture, dining and drinking or outdoors. The app enables users to comment on, and “like” other people’s itineraries and will include a number of featured itineraries for each destination, based on the numbers of likes they receive.
[pictured: Ariadne Beach, Cape Town – one of BA’s destinations]