Airline makes flight with sugarcane fuel

Azul+Verde project develops renewable fuels made from sugarcane

A demonstration flight was made this week using a renewable jet fuel produced from Brazilian sugarcane. Azul Brazilian Airlines made the flight in partnership with Embraer, GE and renewable products company Amyris using an Embraer E195. It departed Campinas Viracopos Airport, flew over Rio de Janeiro where the UN Conference for Sustainable Development (Rio+20) was being held and landed at Rio’s Santos Dumont Airport.
Known as Azul+Verde (“a greener blue” in Portuguese), the project began in November 2009 with the objective of evaluating a new concept in the development of a renewable jet fuel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that the Amyris renewable jet fuel could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 82% when compared to convention fossil-derived fuel.
“The main objective is […] to reduce our carbon footprint as well as raise awareness among our customers that they are not just choosing an airline that is merely concerned about the environment but is taking steps to preserve it,” said Flavio Costa, Azul Airlines’ chief operating officer.
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[photo courtesy Azul Brazilian Airlines]

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