Airline offers tips to “arrive feeling good”

Air France consults doctors on how best to have a long flight

To make sure you arrive at your destination feeling good, Air France has consulted its doctors to prepare advice for passengers on how best to survive a long flight. Remaining seated for long periods of time during the flight can cause poor blood circulation in the legs, the doctors say. This risk can be prevented by wearing comfortable loose-fitting clothes; drinking water regularly and avoiding alcoholic drinks; following exercises shown in a film screened on Air France’s long-haul flights and walking around the plane; wearing support socks or stockings when over the age of 40 and on flights of more than six hours; and avoiding sleeping tablets.
Passengers should keep any medicines they take with them. A medical prescription with the name of the medication may be requested by airport security agents. Contact lenses should not be worn during a flight. If passengers are travelling eastbound, Air France advises, they should go to bed earlier during the days preceding the flight. If they’re westbound, they ought to stay up late…
Air France provides advice on necessary travel vaccinations. It also gives an anti-stress training course available to all travellers who want to overcome their fear of flying. The seven-hour course takes place twice a week at the Air France Pilot Training Centre at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.
[pictured: CFM-56 engine on Airbus A321; courtesy Air France]


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