Airline passenger bitten by bed bugs

Passenger told to move to back of plane on connecting flight

According to, a consumer website, a passenger on a Delta Airlines aircraft from Atlanta to New York says she was bitten many times by insects during the flight. Patricia Sweeney adds that after telling the flight crew about her bites on her connecting Delta flight to Ireland, she was told either to leave the plane and get medical treatment or move from her economy-comfort seat to the back row. She later had photos made of the bites. The airline has not commented, but one theory for this request is that the crew may have wanted to confine any possible bug infestation away from the higher-paying passengers at the front. Sweeney sat in the downgraded seat and was later offered a $200 voucher plus $500 towards the cost of any medical expenses.
Delta’s insurance company, United States Aviation Underwriters: “We reviewed the pictures and it is apparent that there is some type of skin irritation. However, as of this date, we have not received any reports from other passengers making the same allegations. If perchance the aircraft was infected, it would not be limited to one seat.”
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