Airline praised for defending “short, fat” crew

“Your prejudices are not going to fly”, passenger told

Argentina’s biggest airline Aerolineas Argentinas has been praised for defending its cabin crew after a passenger used social media to complain about the air hostesses. Andres Horacio Pignataro’s complaint was not with the service but disappointment the cabin crew were not “tall and nice” but “short and fat girls.”

On the airline’s Facebook page, Pignataro wrote that flight attendants were “low quality” – a message that has since been deleted. Aerolíneas Argentinas responded by posting its list of requirements for cabin crew, followed by the words: “Your prejudices are not going to fly”.

Many in the land of social media praised the airline.

The list of requirements for becoming an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight attendant include being an Argentine national older than 18 who can speak English, being between 163cm and 175cm (women) or 170cm and 185cm (men), and being able to swim.

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[image courtesy Aerolíneas Argentinas]


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