Airline rules not to remove Muslim burqas

Muslim women will not have to remove burqas on Air France flights

Despite France’s controversial burqa ban, cabin crews on Air France flights have been told that they do not have the right to tell Muslim women to remove their burqas once onboard. Passengers can be told to remove them at French airports, but an internal Air France memo written by the airline’s legal department states that once onboard they are free to keep them on. In general, pilots agree with the memo.
“As long as burqa-wearers have been checked before getting on board, then I can’t see the problem,” an Air France pilot told the French daily Le Figaro. “Security on board a plane does not have much to do with whether one’s face is visible or not.”
In other news, Air France has announced that it will launch a new route to the central Chinese city of Wuhan – the first between Wuhan and Western Europe – from 11 April 2012.
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