Airline synergy offers new Chicago-Helsinki route

America, British, Iberia relationship offers expanded service, new routes

Air passengers can take further advantage of the enhanced relationship between American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia from summer 2011 when, for the first time, the airlines’ schedules are coordinated for flights across the North Atlantic. For example, American’s London Express service will offer 15 flights a day from the New York City area to London.
The new schedule alignment, which begins March 27, means that customers travelling between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and London Heathrow will benefit from more conveniently timed flights during peak periods in the late afternoon and evening. Previously, the 11 daily flights from JFK-LHR included five flights operated by American and British Airways that left at almost the same time. Instead of the two morning flights from JFK that both departed at 8.30am, one will now depart at 8am and the other at 9.30am, with both still arriving in London on the same day. Similar scheduling has been enhanced for traffic to and from Chicago, Miami and Boston.
There are also new flights to new destinations. Beginning May 1, American launches a new service from Chicago to Helsinki. On April 5, the carrier begins a new route from JFK to Budapest. Iberia begins nonstop service from Madrid to Los Angeles on March 28 and Barcelona to Miami on March 29. British Airways launches San Diego-London on June 2.
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