Airline teams up with Airbnb, angers hotels

Qantas and hotel industry disrupter reward frequent flyers
Qantas and Airbnb have revealed that the Australian flag carrier’s 11.4 million frequent flyers will be able to earn one point for every dollar they spend using Airbnb.
“We know many of our customers are just as likely to arrange an Airbnb as they are to book a hotel, and we wanted to recognise and reward them for that,” Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said.
It is the first partnership between Airbnb and a major airline to reward frequent flyer members.
But hotels hit back, calling the move a “slap in the face”, especially as Airbnb hosts are not bound to the same safety and amenity regulations as traditional accommodation.
Tourism Accommodation Australia, whose board includes leaders of hotel giants like Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott, sent a message to Qantas, with its chief executive Carol Giuseppi saying: “We find it extremely concerning that an airline with a strong safety record would partner with an organisation that cannot guarantee the safety of its guests.”
She added: “These unregulated short-term accommodation operators do not have in place the consumer safety and community amenity regulations and insurances that apply to regulated operators, nor do they pay the requisite fees and taxes.”
In related news, Virgin, has announced a partnership with Ticketek, giving its 6 million members points when they buy tickets to concerts and events.
Sydney Morning Herald

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