Airline weighs passengers before seating

Policy is designed to distribute weight in the cabin
An airline is under investigation following complaints that it weighed passengers before they were allocated seats. Two passengers have filed complaints against Hawaiian Airlines after alleging they were weighed before being allowed to board.
The US carrier claims the policy, which only applies to flights between Pago Pago, American Samoa and Honolulu, was designed to distribute weight throughout the cabin for safety issues.
Both passengers were businessmen, one of whom told a radio station that the policy “borders on discrimination”. He said the policy of weighing passengers had been introduced a few months ago, and that Hawaiian Airlines had a monopoly on the route.
“The aircraft hasn’t changed in many, many years so why has the weight distribution become important?”
The carrier is understood to have introduced the policy after a survey revealed considerable weight gains by its passengers had led to higher than projected fuel burn.
It is now thought to have amended its policy so passengers will not be weighed but will still have seats allocated so that weight is evenly distributed. The US Department of Transportation is investigating the complaints.
Daily Mail / TTG Digital

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