Airline withdraws Dreamliners after warning

Japan Airlines withdraws Boeing 787s from service

Japan Airlines has withdrawn Boeing 787s from its Tokyo-Delhi and Tokyo-Singapore routes following the recent warnings about the risk of ice on 747-8 and 787 aircraft.

The Japanese carrier is among 15 airlines warned about the problem, including Lufthansa, United Airlines. As previously reported, it can affect GEnx engines made by General Electric if the planes fly at high altitude close to thunderstorms.

According to the BBC, there have been six incidents where planes powered by GE engines have so far lost power in this way.

A GE spokesman told Reuters that airlines were experiencing “a growing number of ice-crystal icing encounters in recent years as the population of large commercial airliners has grown, particularly in tropical regions of the world.”

GE and Boeing are working on fixing the problem, he said.

In related news, the US Federal Aviation Administration is now also preparing to advise airlines that they should avoid flying 747-8s and 787s with General Electric engines close to thunderstorms. It will issue an airworthiness directive on the issue this week.

TravelMole / Reuters

[pictured: Close-up view of General Electric GEnx engine core; photo by Olivier Cleynen]