Airlines “must do more” do battle emissions

UK says a framework for aviation’s sustainable growth is needed urgently

Airlines and airports have to increase the pace of technological change to meet their environmental obligations. That is the message from British Transport Secretary Philip Hammond to the aviation industry using British airspace, as he launches a two-year consultation this week on the future of aviation. He warned that a framework for sustainable growth was needed urgently. Aviation cannot be allowed to grow at any price, he said, and must contribute to environmental goals and quality of life in local communities.
Comments can now be submitted on a consultation document published yesterday on how aviation policy should be shaped following the UK government’s decision not to support new runways at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.
“The aviation industry needs to do more, not just on emissions but also in terms of its other environmental impacts, particularly noise,” Hammond said, adding: “The current pace of technological change is not fast enough to reconcile growth on the scale of recent years.”
[pictured: Heathrow Terminal 5]