Airlines act against badly dressed passengers

Even celebrities stopped from entering airport lounges
Gone are the glamorous days when passengers would dress in their best clothes if they were fortunate enough to be boarding a plane. These days, the masses of travellers often turn up in tracksuits and flip-flops.
This is even the case in first class airport lounges. Last week, Qantas stopped England cricketer Kevin Pietersen from entering one of its lounges, an incident he subsequently slammed on social media.
In fact, Qantas decided earlier in 2015 to police the smartness of passengers. Its website says it wants to ensure attire is “smart casual” and bans flip-flops, bare feet, head-to-toe gym wear, beachwear, sleepwear, clothing featuring offensive images or slogans and “revealing, unclean or torn clothing” from its club and business lounges.
So even a customer who pays thousands of dollars to sit at the front of an airline’s planes can find himself or herself turned away from its exclusive lounges.
The Economist