Airlines and airports must improve digital retail

Airlines are hiring IT innovators from outside the industry
Airlines and airports have to do more to keep up with other digital consumer services, travel tech website Skift urges. This means making technological improvements with greater speed.
Emerging technology was discussed at a recent International Air Transport Association summit in Hamburg. One speaker said that airlines in North America are now actively hiring IT innovators from outside the industry to help drive change and build trust with consumers.
“A simple example of where we don’t provide trust today is that the average consumer is spending something in the range of four to six hours looking for leisure travel,” said Brian Cook, vice president for the transportation industry at HP Enterprise. “They’re checking all the different sites, over and over again to make sure they get the best value.”
He added: “I think addressing that, bringing a digital storefront to the consumer where he can actively see the product, immerse himself in the product, and understand what’s different about the product and that the product that’s being offered to him is a product that he wants. So it’s personalised and tailored to him.”
He pointed to Uber as an example of a proven innovative retail model.
At the World Low Cost Conference in London, Vueling CEO Alex Cruz said that the airline’s digital innovation success was achieved throough hiring digital natives – something its parent group IAG understands.


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