Airlines annoy frequent fliers, poor marketing blamed

“Airlines are doing a poor job of communicating their improvements”

Business-wise, airlines did well in 2011. Comparatively few flights were delayed, less bags were lost, fewer customer complaints filed. But frequent fliers are still upset. More than half surveyed in the newly released US-biased research Airline Passenger Survey 2012 said they were disappointed with the air travel experience.
A majority (54%) of frequent fliers believe airlines are not being completely honest in saying fare increases are due to rising fuel costs. And, flying in the face of current trends, passengers would rather pay a higher fare, take alternative transport or fly less than accept a menu of various fees.
“Airlines are doing a poor job of conveying [their] improvements to passengers,” Dr Erin Bowen, one of the survey’s authors, explained. “The objective improvements don’t match up with the experience passengers are getting when they fly.”
[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]

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