Airlines boost 2013 social media budgets

Consultancy points to Japan Airlines as role model

More than 70% of airlines plan to increase their budgets in the social media area in 2013, according to a survey of 29 airlines by airline and airport consultants SimpliFlying. In a similar survey last year, only 40% were planning to. However, few carriers appear to have a coherent social media strategy.
The consulting firm says that more than 200 airlines have Twitter accounts, but only 27 of these are highly-active tweeters.
It singles out Japan Airlines as a role model for building an “astonishing” 10 mobile apps in 2012, covering everything from mobile bookings and airport navigation to inflight entertainment and flight countdown.
“We want to engage our customers at every possible touch point because that is how we can build brand loyalty and trust,” Tomohiro Nishihata, JAL’s vice president for web sales and marketing, explained.
TTG Asia
[image courtesy Japan Airlines]