Airlines consider separate seats for families

Passengers vent frustrations over crying babies and the overweight

Airlines are facing an increasing vocal demand from passengers – not to sit near families with young children or next to “large people”. A debate is raging about the ethics of whether or not to provide designated areas for kids and other passengers who have the potential to turn long flights into uncomfortable and frustrating experiences. Passengers who are tall are also demanding their own special seats. Some passengers want families banned from business class. The ability for angry passengers to communicate their concerns quickly using social media – increasingly from the flight itself – has the potential to give airlines and flight attendants a bad image.
Polls show that a majority of passengers support the idea of having sections in the cabin set aside for families, or even having adult-only flights. Some overweight passengers, who can feel humiliated when airlines enforce rules that say they must pay for a second seat, agree that a separate area for them may be a good idea. Some travel analysts say that this could actually enhance an airline’s image, giving it a marketing edge by helping it to stand out from the crowd. But from a practical viewpoint, it would be hard to enforce logistically. After all, how far away from a crying baby can a passenger be not to be disturbed by it?
USA Today
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