Airlines disappointed with EU court opinion

More than 20 countries sign declaration vowing to challenge EU-ETS

The International Air Transport Association says it is disappointed with an opinion expressed by the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which does not support the air transport industry’s challenge to Europe’s plan to include international aviation in its emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS) from 2012. A final decision on the matter is expected later this year. IATA is supporting a legal challenge by two US carriers and the Air Transport Association, brought on the grounds that Europe’s plans contravene the Chicago Convention and the EU-US Open Skies Agreement.
“We are disappointed with the opinion of the Advocate General, but it is only part of a complex set of developments concerning the EU-ETS,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s director general and CEO.
Last week more than 20 countries, including India, China, Japan, the US and Russia, signed a declaration vowing to challenge the plan’s extra-territoriality at the International Civil Aviation Organisation. India says that if Europe proceeds it will retaliate.
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