Airlines’ future depends on reliable wi-fi

Consistent, speedy connection increasingly important
A consistent, speedy inflight internet connection will become increasingly important for airlines as consumers become ever more dependent on the service, a recent study says.
Nearly three out of four passengers polled by conglomerate Honeywell say that having a connection in the air is so crucial they are willing to switch airlines in order to get a more reliable service.
More than 20% have already abandoned their preferred airline for an option with better inflight wi-fi, up from 17% in 2014, the study alleges.
“The biggest challenge airlines face in providing quality wi-fi coverage is adopting a service that is reliable and global,” said Brian Davis, Honeywell Aerospace’s vice president for airlines in Asia-Pacific. “What makes ‘the best’ inflight connectivity is a combination of speed and reliability, no matter where passengers travel to.”
He added: “Consumers are [fed up with] dealing with slow, inconsistent connections and global coverage that is made up of a patchwork of various networks rather than getting access to one truly consistent service.”
TTG Asia

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