Airlines go over the-top for food and drink

Prices can be 10 or 20 times what you’d pay in the shops
On many airlines, passengers are slowly getting used to having to pay if they want a snack or a drink. But some airlines are pushing it.
Online ticket seller Kayak says that prices on board are sometimes far higher than in the supermarket. Its price survey on flights operated by Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2, Flybe, Monarch and Thomas Cook shows that the differences are sometimes huge.
A plastic pot of Cup-a-Soup typically costs about €0.15 at the shops, but Thomas Cook Airlines and Flybe charge respectively €3.10 and €3.25 for the privilege of drinking it. Chocolate and wine gums in the air also often cost considerably more than in the shops.
And then there’s the beer. A 33 cl. can takes can sometimes set passengers back €5.40. In the supermarket 44 cl. of beer is typically little more than a euro.
Travelers can also get a hangover from soda, with Ryanair taking €3.25 for a small 25 cl. can of cola. In the shop you can get a bigger 33 cl., can for 10 times less, Kayak calculates.
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