Airlines go to war – over your pyjamas

Carriers battle over the finest exclusive nightwear
Not content with fighting over who offers the most comfortable first-class seating, champagne, caviar and food by celebrity chefs, airlines have now gone to war over your pyjamas.
Passengers riding premium want to leave the plane ‘looking crisp and fresh’, says James Bradbury-Boyd of Singapore Airlines, whose sleepwear has been an integral part of its inflight service for 20 years or more.
“We are flying many of the world’s longest distance and duration flights, and many of those flights are overnight,” he said. “It’s simply practical to help passengers arrive in better shape for them to be better able to change out of their clothes.”
Qantas is making an effort to stand out by offering Olympic-themed pyjamas matching Australia’s team colours on some international routes until September 18.
United Continental is introducing a new premium cabin in December, Polaris, which has sleep suits available on request on flights of more than 12 hours. American Airlines has just switched to 100% cotton in its pyjamas on long-haul international routes. Delta has pyjamas on flights to China, and between New York and California. Cathay Pacific, ANA, Air France and Emirates are also into the pyjama game.

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