Airlines keep pushing up capacity

SkyTeam has 17.8% of ASKs, closing gap on Star Alliance’s 25.3%

Another economic downturn appears to be upon us, but airlines keep pushing ahead with capacity at a fast pace. One projection put worldwide available seat kilometres (ASKs) growing by 7.1% in October. Low-cost carriers are growing more than the average, by 8.5%, but among the alliances capacity at SkyTeam is growing by as much as 18.3%. This is due partly, of course, to expansion within the alliance but also because of expansion among its members. However, the total number of flights grew by just 3.5% during the month. SkyTeam now represents 17.8% of worldwide ASKs, closing the gap on Star Alliance’s 25.3%. Oneworld has a 13.8% share. Low-cost carriers and non-aligned airlines account for 17% and 26.2%, respectively.
The list of the top 25 airlines in the world remains mostly unchanged from a year earlier. Delta tops the list, followed by American Airlines and United Airlines. Emirates and Lufthansa are growing quickly and may soon pass United. But twinned with Continental, United moves to the top of the list. The fastest growing big airline over the last year is Turkish Airlines, where capacity has grown by 30%.
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[pictured: Aeroméxico with SkyTeam livery; courtesy SkyTeam]