Airlines launch new value-added services

SAS, Lufthansa, Austrian, Icelandair add options via Amadeus

SAS, Lufthansa, Icelandair and Austrian Airlines are launching new value-added services in the Scandinavian market, using the solution Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services. The add-on trend could be significant for agents.

SAS launched the idea in December to pre-book certain economy-class seats on long-haul aircraft as an additional fee-paying service. These include seats by the window, seats at the front, seats by the wall and seats with extra legroom. All other seats can be reserved free of charge when ordering.

Also Lufthansa and its subsidiary Austrian Airlines have launched more value-added services through the Amadeus solution. They now offer surcharge seat booking in economy class on all flights in Europe as well as the option to buy additional legroom in both continental and intercontinental flights.

A fourth airline increasing the number of value-added services via Amadeus is Icelandair, which now makes it possible to pre-pay for, among other things, baggage services and sports equipment.

According to the consulting firm IdeaWorksCompany, value-added services worldwide generated $27.1 billion in revenues for airlines in 2012, an increase of 19.6% on the previous year.

“Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services helps airlines to increase and expand their customer service in several ways, for example by tailoring solutions according to customer needs,” says Jesper Söderström, CEO of Amadeus Scandinavia. “Even for travel agents, the solution is a big advantage because they avoid having to visit the airline’s own website to book value-added services. The booking process is significantly more flexible.”

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[pictured Seating in Lufthansa A380; courtesy Lufthansa]


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