Airlines line up to fly to Iceland

Eighteen airlines apply for permission to fly to Iceland in 2012

Delta Air Lines, the world’s biggest carrier, is not the only airline keen to fly to Iceland in 2012. It launched flights from the US for the first time this year, bringing thousands of American visitors, and it wants to continue to fly there next year. And so do 17 airlines, besides Delta, according to Isavia, Iceland’s state-owned airport company. The depreciation of the local currency, the Icelandic krona, since the country’s severe economic crisis has made the country a more affordable destination. Iceland also won a lot of free publicity with the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in 2010.
Norwegian Air Shuttle will fly to Iceland in 2012 – the first time that the Nordic countries’ biggest low-cost carrier does so. EasyJet will fly there for the first time too. The airlines that have applied to fly to Iceland in 2012 are: Air Berlin, Air Contractors (WOW Air), Air Greenland, Astraeus (Iceland Express), Austrian Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Deutsche Lufthansa, EasyJet, Edelweiss Air, Germanwings, Icelandair, Niki Luftfahrt, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Primera Air, SAS, France, Travel Service, Vueling Airlines.
[pictured: Bolafjall, Western Fjords Iceland]