Airlines mine big data for personal twist

Carriers analyse data from variety of sources
On your next flight, the crew may know more about you than you realise, CNN writes. Besides your name, they may also know your birthday, favourite drink and most frequent destination.
To reach out to regular travellers and give them a more personal flight experience, airlines are betting on big data, as the Airlines for America commercial aviation summit made clear this week.
Carriers are mining personal data to find out preferences and behaviours, looking for example at information provided when passengers sign up for loyalty programs as well as social media clicks and likes.
JetBlue works with credit card companies to analyse consumer purchases. This helps it to better understand its passengers and predict services they would enjoy.
The chairman of a US non-profit watchdog says consumer privacy is a concern but “so far there have been no reports of abuse of consumer data on behalf of the airline industry”. The credit card data given to airlines is quite general, he says, for example “if there are three flights to a particular city and 50% of passengers checked into hotels”.