Airlines offer enhanced inflight “geotainment”

New geo-entertainment apps being developed for airlines

One of the most popular parts of an inflight entertainment system is the moving map. But now some are offering the chance to go off the flight path to zoom in on the landscape and landmarks below, Google Earth style.

Known as “geotainment”, this content shows geographical and historical information close to the plane’s location.

“Travel is exploration,” explains Boris Veksler, CEO of Betria Interactive, which has developed the geotainment app FlightPath3D. “Delivering informative destination geotainment services gives the passenger a form of discovery in anticipation of their arrival. It is a natural and engaging extension of the moving map.”

But geotainment is still in its early stages. Norwegian has an app on its IFE systems from FlightPath3D on its fleet of Dreamliners. Singapore Airlines is the first customer to sign up for a “geo-entertainment” product developed in association with the Royal Geographical Society.

Air France and KLM, meanwhile, have chosen FlightPath3D to deliver their next moving-map and geotainment service. Passengers can learn about points of interest on their journey via text and images, choose from interactive 3D views or use free roaming to investigate what they are flying over.

The FlightPath3D app is available on new high-definition seat-back touch screens in all classes, Business and First also offering a touchscreen video handheld device.

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[image courtesy FlightPath3D]