Airlines offer spa and luxury products

Trend brings massages and skincare to lounges
Flying can be stressful. So airlines are pampering passengers with everything from spa products to massages and skincare treatments.
Emirates recently launched what it says is the world’s first interactive amenity kit. Besides the usual eye mask and toothbrush, it uses augmented reality technology for passengers to access health tips and individualised playlists on their mobile devices.
Air France offers spa treatments including massage and skin rejuvenation in partnership with Clarins at its lounges at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Amenity kits also feature Clarins products.
British Airways has a themed beauty menu at its Heathrow and JFK lounges together with skincare brand Elemis, which also features in its Club World amenity kits. First-class kits feature other UK beauty health and brands.
Virgin Atlantic also offers spa treatments at its lounges at Heathrow and JFK, and its passengers at Gatwick can get haircuts, grooming and manicures.
Cathay Pacific has massage services at its Hong Kong lounges and private cabanas at its first-class lounge, while airlines in the USA are jazzing up their first-class skincare products and amenity kits for men and women.