Airlines tell EU to redirect carbon reduction scheme

IATA says EU’s emissions trading scheme is “misguided”

The International Air Transport Association says that the air transport industry’s own agenda to reduce CO2 emissions is the correct one to take, urging the European Union to abandon its “misguided plans to include aviation” in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme starting in 2012. Tony Tyler, IATA’s director general and CEO, said in a speech at the Greener Skies conference in Hong Kong that airlines, airports and manufacturers were already committed to improving fuel efficiency by 1.5% annually until 2020, capping net carbon emissions from 2020 with carbon-neutral growth and cutting net emissions in half by 2050, compared to 2005.
“These are challenging targets,” he said. “Airlines represent 2% of global manmade CO2 emissions. This year that is estimated to be some 650 million tonnes of CO2 emitted while carrying 2.8 billion passengers and 46 million tonnes of cargo. By 2050, the industry aspires to carry 16 billion passengers and 400 million tonnes of cargo with some 320 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.”
IATA is not opposed to emissions trading, he added. “But the EU’s unilateral and regional approach to ETS could not be more misguided. It is distracting governments from focusing on the real solution – a global approach through ICAO.”
[pictured: contrails over France and the English Channel; photo courtesy MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC]

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