Airlines told to ease up on baggage fees

New US legislation may allow one bag free per person

The busy Thanksgiving weekend in the US has brought calls from politicians and the non-government organisations to put pressure on airlines to ease their increasing reliance on baggage fees. One senator has proposed new legislation that would permit passengers to check in one free-of-charge bag per person per flight. The senator, Mary Landrieu, argues that the bill would be designed to protect passengers from excessive fees. It would also state that passengers can take carry-on bags at no extra charge and have free access to water and bathrooms on flights.
Meanwhile a passenger rights group is challenging airlines to stop all baggage fees – at least until December 31. Carrying luggage onboard is cited in surveys as being one of air passengers’ top frustrations.
It has also been suggested that the number of carry-on bags being crammed into overhead bins is slowing the screening process and adding $260 million a year in screening costs in the US.
The Chicago Tribune