Airlines trend towards better inflight food

Healthier food at airports inspire airlines to do the same
Airlines are improving their menus to offer fresher ingredients and better-tasting meals. Spurred on by airports, which are increasingly rolling out higher-end restaurants and food, carriers are also upping their game – especially for premium passengers.
In the US, renowned chefs are helping to revamp airlines’ domestic flight menus, resulting in healthy meals.
“We know our customers’ eating habits have been evolving and it’s one way we can be competitive,” explains Barbara DeLollis, an American Airlines spokeswoman.
American is incorporating seasonal vegetables into its dishes. Delta has doubled the number of its first-class menu items on short-haul flights. United has launched dishes like duck confit ravioli. And Alaska Airlines economy passengers can get a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich and other multi-ethnic bites.
Dean Headley, a marketing professor and co-author of the annual Airline Quality Rating, says the new upgrades are a way to make fliers a little happier.
“The flying public still isn’t happy,” he says, despite the airline industry’s improved operations and baggage handling. “So maybe food is one way they can say, ‘here’s a tangible plus’. At least it’s one less thing that the traveller has to worry about.’”
“Passenger ratings for the variety of airline food have risen significantly since 2012,” says aviation analyst Rick Garlick. “[Food] can be the next big differentiator for the airline experience.”
USA Today