Airlines want new rules for bad passengers

IATA wants to give crew the right to restrain abusers

There are many examples of passengers behaving badly on flights, from football hooligans to countless drunks to a certain French movie star relieving himself in the gangway. And the trend is growing, Reuters writes.

Now the International Air Transport Association says it plans to seek agreement on the issue at a conference in Montreal in March 2014. It wants to give captains and crew the rights to do whatever is necessary to restrain abusive passengers.

“Unruly passenger behaviour […] is on the increase,” Tim Colehan of IATA said.” It is a problem which our crews and other travellers face every day.”

He described a typical case – a female passenger who fought cabin crew, threw alcoholic drinks at them and shouted abuse at other passengers during an overnight flight from Europe to Thailand.

More than 15,000 incidents have been reported to IATA since 2007 – and many more are never reported. Yet international law has not kept pace, allowing most offenders to go free.


[photo courtesy Riga International Airport]

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