Airport “bomb” turns out to be board game

Departures hall toilets cordoned off as police investigate

A suspicious-looking package in a rubbish bin in the departures hall toilets at Midlanda Airport in Sundsvall, northern Sweden, turned out to be just an innocent board game. But not before police explosive experts were called in to investigate. The terminal stayed open but the toilets were cordoned off as police officers used an x-ray machine to examine the package, which had been found by a cleaner. The package turned out to be a discarded board game called Sundsvallsspelet.
Police spokeswoman Annica Odelind criticised whoever had thrown the game in the bin. “As a traveller you are responsible for what you leave behind at the airport, as security has been heightened for several years,” she told a local newspaper.
Police officers said that the package had been in the bin for a number of days before being discovered.
The Local
[pictured: Sundsvall from above; photo by Henrik Sendelbach]