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“Airport city” to be built near Oslo hub

Oslo Airport City is the name of a new Norwegian development project with a plan to build an entire city right next to Oslo Airport.

The term “aerotropolis” is probably best known from a number of construction projects in Asia, where entire cities have shot up around newly-built airports.

However, in the Nordic countries, Airport City Stockholm already exists and now the concept is coming to Oslo, where the company Oslo Airport City will build a complex of approximately one million square meters with hotel, conference centre, office, shopping, logistics, service and recreational facilities.

Oslo Airport City will be located just east of Oslo Airport. The first part of the project is the construction of a hotel with approximately 1,000 beds and conference facilities for up to 500 people.

The hotel will be run by the relatively newly established chain Haut Nordic, half-owned by the Aker group, which is led by Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke. The other half is owned by another Norwegian, Sondre Prestegaard.

Prestegaard says he expects the hotel to turn over about NOK 200 million (€20.5 million) annually when it is finished in three years. The turnover for the entire Oslo Airport City is estimated to amount to half a billion Norwegian kroner per year.

Remote employment
The people behind Oslo Airport City expect that the new development will be able to generate about 10,000 jobs in addition to the 23,000 already existing at the airport itself. So it is one goal of the project to increase growth in the surrounding municipality of Ullensaker.

Common to all projects of this type is that the airports hosting “airport cities” are located relatively far from existing population centres. Oslo Airport is around 45 kilometres from the Norwegian capital and Arlanda is just over 40 kilometres north of Stockholm.

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