Airport up for sale in Sweden

Man in western Sweden is selling one he built
If you’ve ever wanted to own an airport, a man in western Sweden is selling his.
Kjell Brattfors, 72, bought the land 25 minutes from Gothenburg in 2002 and built a landing strip, house and two hangars there. He also runs B&B accommodation on the site. Now he wants some free time and has put it up for sale.
“There was nothing there when I bought it. I flew over the land with a friend one summer and thought that it would be a really nice place for a landing strip,” he tells The Local.
Officially known as Kattleberg Airport, it’s technically classified as a private air strip.
It has a price-tag of SEK 20 million (€2.1 million), and two small planes are also up for sale. But money is not the main issue when it comes to a decision on who to sell to.
“Finding someone to buy it isn’t difficult, but I want it to be bought by someone who will continue its legacy. I don’t want it to be destroyed and something else built on it. It’s a fantastic place.”
The Local