Airport washes and cleans passengers’ cars

Have your own car washed and cleaned while you’re away

Copenhagen Airport and the car rental company Sixt are offering car owners using the airport’s parking facilities to have their cars washed and cleaned while they’re away. The airport is suggesting that passengers leave the key with staff and they can return to a “newly washed, vacuum cleaned and detailed car”. The price for the service is DKK 395 (€53). It includes a car wash, vacuuming, polishing of mirrors and windows, cleaning of door jambs, removal of insect stains, vinyl refresh inside and refilling of windshield washer fluid.
The opportunity of offering travellers to return to a clean car arose when Sixt opened its new car cleaning centre on the coastal road Kystvejen by the airport. “This has given us capacity to also take in private cars,” said Kasper Gjedsted, CEO of Sixt, adding: “Many people need their car for work, so they can’t find the time for a thorough cleaning. So why not have it done while the car is parked at the airport.”
[pictured: Aerial view of Copenhagen Airport; courtesy Copenhagen Airport]

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