Airports cash in with on-site hotels

Airport hotels give increasingly attractive income
Airports can leverage on-site hotels to generate additional revenues – and provide exceptional experiences for travellers, AviationPros reports, giving the example of three successful properties.
Airports continue to be creative in finding ways to bring in non-aviation revenue while offering a memorable passenger experience. The days of dated economy-style airport hotels is over. One example is the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
“An airport hotel adds to our brand,” says Terry Teifer, CFO of the Wayne County Airport Authority. “Our terminal is a single building with 122 gates that serves as the Asian gateway for Delta.”
The hotel has 404 rooms, 10 suites, 2,400 square metres of meeting space and a pool and fitness centre. It is busy during the week but slow at weekends. Passengers can fly in and use the hotel’s meeting space for events with no distractions.
“You don’t get business that comes in just for the weekend, so business travellers are key. But we have a significant park and fly program where you can stay at the hotel and get up to eight days of valet parking. We use that program to fill rooms on Friday and Saturday nights.”
At Orlando International Airport, a Hyatt Regency is located directly above security, with 445 rooms, lots of meeting space, fitness centre and outdoor pool. Like the Westin, the Orlando Hyatt markets itself to travellers flying out of the airport, where you can check into the hotel the day before, check your bags and catch the early morning flight.
“At the end of the day, we have a major amenity that brings in travellers and groups to the airport from different communities to meet and have conferences,” explains Phil Brown, executive director of the Greater Orlando Airport Authority.
The 554-key Westin Denver International Airport, meanwhile, benefits from unexpected passengers in need because of weather or airline issues. It has also become popular for meetings as the location makes it easy for customers to plan fly-in, fly-out meetings in the centre of the country.

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